Facebook Ad Management

The fastest way to generate sales, customers and leads for your business is with Paid Advertising. Paid Advertising is not just selecting a Facebook post and boosting it. We strategically get your ads in front of your ideal customers. This means more sales at a lower cost per acquisition for you.

Imagine having a 24/7 system generating your leads and sales instantaneously. This is the beauty of a powerful online ad campaign.

  • New customers at a low customer acquisition.
  • Very specific and targeted audience for greater value for advertising spend.
  • Retarget highly qualified visitors back to your website.
  • Advertising campaigns can run 24/7 around the clock.
  • Gather insights and data at a low cost.


Account Setup

No time or energy to spend on the ad account setup? We will create and setup your ad account to make sure your campaigns launches smoothly.



Have you ever experienced a product you were looking at following you on every website you go to? That is retargeting! We help your business make sure your audiences will see your ads again.


Hyper Targeting

We are committed to making sure you get your ideal customers to convert at the lowest cost possible. Mamba Media will get those clients for you at a lower cost.


Ad Copy

Ad copies are a crucial part of making your campaign convert. The ad copy needs to resonate with the ideal customer, so we need to make multiple variations of the ads. This ensures you get the best results possible.



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