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Most agencies focus only on traffic. We focus on revenue.

At Mamba Media, we focus on providing real results. We use real marketing strategies that increases your company’s revenue. We add to your bottom line faster than you thought was ever possible.


Mamba Media’s mission is to help implement strategic growth for clients by focusing on driving leads, converting the leads, and designing the ideal client journey to increase the life-time value of every customer.


We help our clients improve and perfect their whole ideal client journey. We start from the top of the funnel where the brand awareness happens, all the way to the bottom of the funnel where the sales take place.


Our dedicated team is highly qualified and specialized in delivering you extraordinary business results, not vanity metrics, because we RELENTLESSLY achieve our client’s goals and never settle for anything less.  

Meet The Founder


Keane Yu

Founder + Growth Strategist


Keane Yu grew up with an extreme passion for entrepreneurship and business. With a creative mind for storytelling and branding, he founded Mamba Media Inc., a digital direct-response agency based in Vancouver, BC. Aside from Mamba Media Inc., Keane Yu is also the Co-Founder of K2 Media & Co. Inc. A Vancouver based production company made to redefine visual identity. Outside of business, you will always find Keane doing the two things he loves most, which is attaining more knowledge through reading and mastering his skills through the love of basketball.

Instagram: @keaneyu

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”

- Kobe Bryant


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(604) 729-1418

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